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Paul A. Luciw, Ph.D.

Infectious Diseases Unit
Unit Leader

Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UC Davis School of Medicine

Dr. Luciw has studied molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis in rhesus macaques experimentally infected with SIV/SHIV clones and has collaborated with extramural investigators to test anti-HIV vaccine and drug therapy approaches in simian AIDS models. In the SHIV/macaque model, he studies highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and viral reservoirs. Dr. Luciw is using this model to test novel therapeutic approaches, based on small-molecule viral inducers, that aim to eliminate virus from these reservoirs in a multidisciplinary collaboration supported by a U19 grant from NIH which involves 17 principal investigators from 12 research institutions and industry. Additional related studies aim to analyze pharmacologic properties of viral activators and the penetration of antiretroviral drugs and in the RT-SHIV/macaque model.

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Macaque models of HIV infection and AIDS, involving either SIV or SHIV infection, have been used to develop antiretroviral drug regimens that suppress virus load to very low levels. Importantly, these models now provide opportunities to test novel anti-latency therapies aimed at eliminating virus from reservoirs.