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Alice F. Tarantal, Ph.D.

Reproductive Sciences and Regenerative Medicine Unit
Unit Leader

Department of Pediatrics and Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy
UC Davis School of Medicine

NHLBI Center for Fetal Monkey Gene Transfer for Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases

Translational Human Stem Cell Shared Research Facility

Translational and Pilot Programs, UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center

Associate Director
UC Davis Stem Cell Program

Dr. Tarantal’s translational research program has a particular focus on the fetus and infant with ongoing studies that address regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, stem cell transplantation, gene therapy, and the application and use of in vivo imaging modalities. She has a long-standing and productive track record in fostering partnerships and productive collaborations. She has studied human and nonhuman primate renal, endothelial, hematopoietic, mesenchymal, epithelial, and embryonic stem and progenitor cells from a lifespan perspective and for transplant purposes, and developed novel transplant paradigms that use in vivo imaging to monitor cell trafficking and fate. Dr. Tarantal was the recipient of the 2014 School of Medicine Faculty Research Award. Dr. Tarantal leads the Multimodal Imaging Core.


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Tarantal AF and Nakayama KH. Use of large animal and nonhuman primate models for cell therapy and tissue engineering. In: Tissue Engineering in Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine series, Springer Science and Business Media DOI: 10.1007/978-1-61779-322-6, Chapter 21, pp. 393-413, 2011.

Tarantal AF, Rainwater J, Wun T, and Berglund L. The U.S. Initiative: Clinical and Translational Science Awards – The UC Davis Perspective. In: (Alving B, Dai K, Chan SHH, editors) Translational Medicine-What, Why, and How: An International Perspective. Transl Res Biomed, Basel, Karger, Volume 3, pp. 18-28, 2013.

Recipient of 2014 School of Medicine Research Award

Dr. Tarantal received this prestigious award in May 2014, being named one of UC Davis' most accomplished investigators, with a highly respected research reputation at the national and state levels.