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Christopher J. Miller, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Infectious Diseases Unit
Core Scientist

Dept. of Pathology, Microbiology, & Immunology
School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Miller has maintained a long-standing research program in AIDS vaccine development and immunology in macaques. He has studied correlates of protective immunity of live-attenuated SIV vaccines, developed the mucosal membrane transmission models for SIV infection via vaginal mucosa and penile membranes, and tested prophylactic microbicides. This includes pioneering studies of innate immunity and both cellular and antibody responses in these mucosal tissues. He has expanded his research into studies of influenza virus A infection and immunity to this virus in macaques and has shown the importance of adjuvants for eliciting protective immunity in elderly populations. He has begun to develop a macaque model for HSV-2 transmission and pathogenesis and is characterizing the vaginal mucosal microbiome in relation to inflammation and potential effects on viral transmission.

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HIV Transmission

Because of physiological and immunological similarities, macaques offer opportunities to investigate host-pathogen interactions with direct relevance to infection and immunity in humans. SIV or SHIV infection of susceptible macaques serves as a model of HIV transmission and analysis of antiviral host responses at mucosal surfaces. In addition, the effects of age on efficacy of vaccine induced immunity can be determined through challenge with the corresponding pathogen.