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Below are the California National Primate Research Center’s rates for its Endocrine Core.


If you have any questions please contact:

Bill L. Lasley, Ph.D.
Email: bllasley@ucdavis.edu
(530) 752-8662

Core Services – Endocrine Core 
 Labor rate per hour  $70.00
Description Composite Rate
Urinary E1C/PDG EIA- incl Creatinine cost $15.76
Urinary FSH ELISA- incl Creatinine cost $24.35
Serum mCG ELISA $55.97
Celite RIA $54.98
non-Celite RIA $35.90
Urinary Creatinine $2.16
Celite RIA with Hydrolysis $56.87
Sex steroid EIA/ELISA $26.96
Salivary Cortisol EIA $23.21