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The CNPRC has unique and specialized resources and scientists with extensive expertise available to facilitate your research with nonhuman primates. Please explore our capabilities and resources below, and contact us with your interest in conducting research.


MERIT Program for Research Partnerships

Igniting Novel Research with Current and New Animal Models

Drug discovery and innovative therapeutic approaches in the era of personalized medicine requires the use of animal models that closely recapitulate human disease. To address these challenges, the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) at UC Davis is initiating the MERIT (Model Enablement for Research and Interdisciplinary Translation) Program with the goal of accelerating translational research by establishing the most appropriate animal model to answer critical scientific questions. The CNPRC combines unique resources with scientific expertise for the development of new animal models that can support innovative research with direct human applications.

NPRC Research Support and Capabilities

The National Primate Research Centers (NPRC) Consortium provides investigators, collaborators and program managers with an informative resource to help facilitate innovative research with nonhuman primates. The Consortium strongly encourages consultation with any of the NPRCs to discuss specific areas of interest and to better understand how the National Primate Research Centers can help advance your research.  Click here for a link to the NPRC Research and Capabilities Inventory website.