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CNPRC Education Outreach Program

The Education Outreach Program (EOP) is a free, public-service program to introduce K-6 students to nonhuman primates, general health science concepts, animals in research, and biomedical research programs and careers. It supports the California State Science Content Standards.

Using classroom-tested and age-appropriate curriculum and manipulatives, children are presented with a 2-hour program. Each session begins with a general introductory discussion, allowing flexibility for questions and verbal discoveries. This is followed by a generous amount of time for self-discovery using displays, activities, educational tools, and experiments. A summary discussion follows, to tie together ideas and answer common questions that have come up during the self-discovery time. (Please note that due to health and safety reasons we do not bring animals into the classroom.)

A coloring and activity book is provided to each child to use during the discovery time, and to take with them to support continued learning of the materials covered during the program. The children are encouraged to share the book, information and excitement with their families and friends, extending the education benefits.

This program has been a huge success with the classes visited since it began in June 2003. Comments we have received indicate that the children, as well as the adults, have a greater understanding of primates and health sciences, and the positive benefits that the primate center has on their lives.

Future goals include expanding our program to low-income and high-risk schools in Sacramento, Solano and Yolo Counties, reaching the families that are lacking in exposure to, and experience in, biomedical research, higher education and career opportunities in these fields.

If you are interested in finding out more about the program, or to schedule a visit to your classroom, please write to:

  “I liked all of the stations because I learned so much at each one. I loved learning so much about primates."
- 2nd Grader

"Yesterday I had a blast!"
- Sacramento 5th Grader

"I learned smoking is bad and it turns your lungs black and yellow and I never want to smoke as long as I live."
- 5th Grader

"It inspired me to see if those diseases had a cure, and if they don't I will find a cure for it."
- 5th Grader

"...you were able to inspire a lot of my students...they want to learn more stuff that had to do with science. They could not stop talking about one day growing up and becoming a medical doctor, a biologist, or an expert that works with orangutans and baboons."
- Spanish Immersion Teacher