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Teacher Resources
Web Resources for Teaching About Nonhuman Primates and Biomedical Research Topics
Nonhuman Primates

picture of primate

American Society of Primatologists, Education

American Society of Primatologists, Teaching Materials and Links

Ape Genius: NOVA

Primate Info Network

Primate Education Network:

Dian Fossey--Gorilla Fun

Orangutan Curriculum for Teachers

Conservation: A fun but powerful little puppet video

Health Science Games, Experiments and Curriculum  

Information for Young People on Microbiology — American Society for Microbiology

The Macaque Genome: Interactive Poster and Teaching Resource: http://www.sciencemag.org/sciext/macaqueposter/

SEPA (Science Education Partnership, NIH)

Tissues of Life– Games and activities

Activities and Experiments for Older Grades  

For High School Students:
"I am a Scientist" short film

Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab

CEPRAP, Center for Engineering Plants for Resistance Against Pathogens

CD-ROM with "Virtual Fingerprinting Laboratory"
Contact: Barbara Soots, 530-752-6552

Animals in Research

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The ABCs of Animal Research
A colorful glossary explaining the use of animals in research and testing and the benefits animal research has produced. For middle and high schools. Contact Massachusetts Society for Medical Research at 978-251-1556

Advances in Medicine through Animal Research
Americans for Medical Progress Educational Foundation

Animal Research: Fact vs. Myth
Provides up-to-date answers to common misconceptions about animal research. Refutes the major claims of the antiresearch element of the animal rights movement. Contact the Foundation for Biomedical Research at 202-457-0654

Foundation for Biomedical Research
Educational materials for purchase detailing the contributions of different species to specific research advances. Contact the Foundation for Biomedical Research at 202-457-0654.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Podcasts and other materials to illustrate Breakthroughs in Bioscience

California Society for Biomedical Research
The California Society for Biomedical Research develops and conducts science education and outreach programs that foster an understanding of and an appreciation for the ever-essential process of biomedical research.

Amazing graphic. Keep in mind next time somebody tells you that animal research hasn't done anything.

Massachusettes Society for Biomedical Research

Kids 4 Research

Mending Broken Hearts

Speaking of Research - www.speakingofresearch.com. Comprehensive information about the facts, ethics and regulations surrounding animal research in the US. Blog www.speakingofresearch.com/news - News on the latest breakthroughs made possible through animal research, as well as dealing with issues of animal rights activism and extremism.

A Timeline of the History of Medical Discoveries

Understanding Animal Research FAQs

Biomedical Research Topics

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Brain, Mind, And Behavior

CNPRC: The Brain, Mind, and Behavior Unit provides services, training, consulting and collaborative expertise in the areas of basic neuroscience, stress physiology, psychoneuroimmunology, cognitive neuroscience, and psychosocial processes in nonhuman primates. Particular emphasis in the Unit is on studying the interrelations of processes at multiple levels of analysis: social, psychological, neuroendocrine, and neurobiological.
Brain Mind and Behavior Unit, and research accomplishments in this unit.

Amazing Feats of Aging:

Infectious Diseases

CNPRC: The Infectious Diseases Unit provides unique expertise for the study of infectious and immunologic diseases affecting humans, at the whole animal, organ, cellular, and molecular levels. The research projects in this unit include pathogenesis of SIV/HIV and opportunistic infections, antiviral immunity, immunity of the genital tract, mucosal transmission of viruses, immunodeficiencies/prophylactics, antiviral therapies, vaccines, viral diagnostics and epidemiology. The Unit scientists are intensely involved in studies directly related to HIV vaccine development.
Infectious Diseases Unit, and research accomplishments. in this unit.

Reproductive Sciences and Regenerative Medicine

CNPRC: The Reproductive Sciences and Regenerative Medicine Unit provides services, training, consulting, and collaborative expertise for the study of human biology and disease in monkeys from embryonic and fetal development through puberty and reproductive senescence.
Reproductive Sciences and Regenerative Medicine, and research accomplishments. in this unit.

The Center for Fetal Monkey Gene Transfer for Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases (CNPRC)

Respiratory Diseases

CNPRC: The Respiratory Diseases Unit is involved in research related to the cellular and metabolic mechanisms of lung toxicity and with the respiratory systems response to environmental contaminants such as air pollutants and tobacco smoke.
Respiratory Diseases Unit, and research accomplishments. in this unit.

Asthma Studies and Nonhuman Primates, Journal of Experimental Medicine: A review of the study of asthma and allergies, and the usefulness of nonhuman primates in furthering our knowledge.

Primate Services And Medicine

Primate Services and Medicine.