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The Pathogen Detection Laboratory offers antibody, antigen, virus, DNA, RNA and other diagnostic marker detection for a number of infectious agents. All methods and reagents are validated, standardized, and controlled by in-laboratory studies and proficiency testing using reference banks of characterized specimens. Quantitation is available by arrangement. Test results are reviewed by clinical laboratory personnel who are fully accredited by the American Society for Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Field Services of the State of California. Custom testing, training, and consultation are available; please inquire. In addition, reagents and controls are available through Resource Services. PDL is a resource for Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) colonies, field or epidemiological studies, research protocols, and atypical case resolution.

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PDL Capabilities and Resources

We offer:

  • Specialty lab testing and expert consultation services to both the public and private sector. This includes local, regional, national and international research colonies; zoological collections; veterinary laboratories; and practices of all sizes.
  • Methods and reagents validated, standardized, and controlled by in-laboratory studies and proficiency testing.
  • Maintenance of reference banks of characterized specimens
  • All test results reviewed by qualified senior personnel prior to reporting
  • Resource for development and maintenance of Specific Pathogen-free (SPF) colonies
  • Resource for field or epidemiological studies
  • Resource for laboratory baseline and monitoring of animals on research studies
  • Resource for unusual or atypical diagnostic cases
  • Staff committed to quality and client-oriented service

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Koen Van Rompay, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Infectious Diseases Unit

Visit Dr. Van Rompay’s page.

Jeffery Roberts, D.V.M.


JoAnn Yee, B.S., M.L.S.


As lead technician for the Pathogen Detection Laboratory, JoAnn’s scientific interests are in the application of new technologies and diagnostic quality standards to clinical and research studies of infectious disease.

JoAnn earned a BS degree in biochemistry at UC Davis, and is licensed as a clinical lab scientist from the State of California. She also holds a certification as a medical laboratory scientist from the American Society of Pathology. In the early 1980s, JoAnn was the founding technologist for both the AIDS virus diagnostic lab and the forerunner of the PDL. In 2013, she was awarded a prestigious honorary membership in the Association of Primate Veterinarians for her significant contributions to the field.

Our History…since 1987


PDL was funded by NCRR under the direction of Dr. Lerche to develop and offer testing for nonhuman primates to develop specific pathogen free colonies and improve overall nonhuman primate colony health.

PDL now functions as both a research and diagnostic laboratory, and provides testing for SPF colonies.

Over the years, the assays developed by PDL have been widely applied and resulted in more accurate and efficient diagnostic tests leading to specific pathogen free and better characterized nonhuman primate colonies. PDL has also taken a leading role in technology transfer to other nonhuman primate institutions by providing training, characterized controls and reagents, and proficiency testing.

We strive at developing new and improved tests as science and technology advance leading to the discovery of new pathogens and more sophisticated technologies.

Read more about the history of the Pathogen Detection Laboratory Core here.


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