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From Rio de Janeiro to the CNPRC at UC Davis

Dr. Danielle Beckman comes to the CNPRC by way of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to develop a monkey model that can be used to one day find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease Media Contact: Carlos Villatoro (530) 754 4413 (U.C. Davis) - Not everyone would trade the sunny beaches [...]

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Podcast – Dr. John Morrison Talks About the NIH NHP Workshop

Media Contact: Carlos Villatoro (530) 754-4413 In the premiere of CNPRC's "Monkey Talk" podcast, CNPRC Director Dr. John Morrison talks about the recent workshop conducted by the National Institutes of Health on nonhuman primate research. The workshop took place on Sept. 7, 2016 and brought together experts in science, policy, ethics, and animal welfare. [...]

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